CIPP award

Congratulations to Emma Saggers for winning the CIPP Bright Beginnings award.

Find out more about Emma.

What is your role within Bishopsgate?

“Senior Payroll Administrator”

Tell us about your journey working with Bishopsgate?

“I started working with Bishopsgate almost 3 years ago and I started as a payroll administrator with little payroll knowledge and experience. I have since been given great opportunities and I have started my level 3 payroll apprenticeship which I am due to finish early next year. I am now a senior payroll administrator and my payroll knowledge is expanding daily.”

What’s your proudest moment with Bishopsgate?

“Definitely winning the CIPP Bright Beginnings award ”

What does this award mean to you?

“I am so happy to have won this award, it was such a proud moment to have even been nominated. Winning the award meant so much to me and I am glad all my hard work paid off. I was thrilled to be able to have celebrated my win and shared the experience with my team.”

What contribution have you made to be considered for this award?

“There have been a lot of difficulties during my time at Bishopsgate which I have helped to overcome and contribute towards. We have been through a system migration and during the start of this year, the Bishopsgate payroll team were left short compared to their usual amount of team members. This resulted in my workload rapidly expanding, yet always ensuring our workers were still paid correctly and on time.”

Well done Emma, Keep up the good work.

Everyone at Bishopsgate is absolutely delighted and so proud of Emma.

Emma is one of the most hardworking and conscientious people I have ever met and is a delight to work with, our clients also love her.

It’s for these reasons I was not surprised when Emma was short-listed for the prestigious awards and also not surprised that she has gone on to win.

Emma is so deserving, and this is such wonderful news in what has been a challenging year all around. Well done Emma.