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Welcome to our Bishopsgate meets…mini-series.

The second episode of our mini-series is with Roots Mortgages, a provider of specialist contractor, freelancer and residential mortgages.

Roots removes the common frustrations by offering specialist mortgages and protection on a whole of market basis, often being cheaper than going direct to a high street bank or building society.

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The questions that the webinar looks to answer are:

Batch 1 – A mortgage

What is a mortgage?

Why would someone need a mortgage?

Can a self-employed person or a contractor apply for a mortgage?

Batch 2- Applying for a mortgage

Why is it harder for those self-employed or contractors?

What documentation is needed to apply?

How do lenders calculate risk, what do they need to see?

Batch 3 – Why do you need to use a broker?

Why choose Roots Mortgages?

Can I switch to Roots Mortgages if I already have a mortgage?

When to approach Roots Mortgages if my renewal is coming up?

What is protection and why is it important?

For more information on mortgages with Roots, please contact a member of our customer service team at or contact us here.